Private cloud

Private cloud services for your applications and servers

EXPINIT Cloud is a solution which provides a worldwide service that gives users access to the applications over Internet without the need for the configuration of VPNs. It can be accessed from any device independent of its Operating System.

EXPINIT Cloud is designed and finely-tuned to scale seamlessly for the growing needs and changing landscape of your business. It is optimized especially for hosting financial applications as well as providing an environment for web-based applications. File, Exchange and many other services can also be provided depending on your requirements.

The biggest benefit of EXPINIT Cloud in comparison to our competitors (such as Microsoft Azure) is that we offer a fully maintained and fully supported environment including but not limited to the operating systems, updates, monitoring, database engine and backups.

Our support will provide a personal touch leaving you safe in the knowledge that there will always be someone there to assist.